The picture has no edits–just complete, natural beauty as the full moon in Scorpio lit up Orlando. 
— I had a tough day yesterday. 

I found myself really quiet and being distant to those who mean the most. Customers seemed impossible and I just didn’t feel happy. I didn’t feel like myself. 

And thennnnn I remembered the full moon. ¡Ay Dios mio! 

 I started thinking of how much I’ve left behind since I’ve moved to Orlando and the idea that maybe im not living it to the fullest like I should. If you know me at all, you know the biggest pieces of my heart reside in that small town. 

There’s this ledge in my parking garage that I went and sat on and just looked out at the city (& I may have been eating chicken nuggets as well). I sat there and listened to all the street noise and people going on with their lives with their friends. In that moment, i felt at peace, knowing that everything I’ve gone through led me to this moment of clarity. I looked down at my phone to a text from this guy I’m into and at my chicken nuggets and looked up at the buildings surrounding me. 

I needed this moment to remind me that the world can be such a scary place, but the love we create along the way will save us from it all. On our journeys through life, you win some and you lose some; but not every loss is an actual loss, just another adventure waiting to happen. 

My message to you is please trust the process. Most importantly, trust yourself. I realized yesterday that all the things that I let go or the things that let go of me weren’t part of my adventure anymore. Whatever lies ahead for me will be just as sweet as the memories I will forever have. 

So love the shit out of life. 

And if you can’t do it for me, then do it for yourself.