Hey, guys! i know it’s been awhile, but well you know how life gets.

Recently i went to Okeechobee Music Festival in Okeechobee, Florida.

I know what you’re thinking…

Okeechobee? Music Festival? Those two things do not mix.

But they do. Very, very well.

I’ve gone to many music festivals. The Hangout in Gulf shores, Voodoo in New Orleans, Shaky Knees in Atlanta and Governors Ball in NYC. Although i have all those under my belt, i have always been hesitant to do the whole “camping” idea. Four nights in a tent. In the middle of Okeechobee. For someone like me, who most days takes two showers, it was a terrifying thought. I mean, who doesn’t love a nice hot shower after a long day? I mean i can count the number of times i’ve slept in a tent and most of those times was at a sleepover in my backyard.

There are a few things i wish i would’ve done before i left for my trip. One of them being to actually LOOK AT THE DAMN WEATHER. I don’t even have a good reason as to why i didn’t. I’m pretty sure on wednesday when i was packing last minute i thought to myself, “well, it’s spring time in florida….aka it’s gonna be hot as hell.” My friend Sam and I were laughing at one point how we brought all warm weather clothes, and every night we almost froze to death because of it. I mean, we did dance our asses off most of the time so that helped. And the liquor kept our body temperature at a nice state.

Another thing i noticed as an amateur camper is that it is never a bad idea to bring a damn grill. I literally ordered a basket of 3 chicken tenders and some fries and it cost $12.oo. TWELVE DOLLARS. That’s highway robbery yall. So do yourself a favor and bring a grill, some chicken, burgers, and load up on the ice. Luckily, next to our campsite we had the nicest neighbors. They were from Tampa and even gave us turkey and cheese sandwiches. One of my favorite interactions with them was the one guy, his name was Jacob. He wandered over to our tent and was telling us how the “hoe chronicles” were going to begin. I mean, its a festival, you gotta live a little right? I never got to hear how the rest of the “Hoe chronicles” went, but i hope he had the time of his life.

You’re probably wondering why i named this post “Carl”. Well, its actually a funny story. So if you’ve gone to a festival in the last decade or so, you know the story of Carl. Based out of Electric forest Music festival in Michigan, the story says that a guy named Carl went to the festival with some friends, did a little too much acid, got lost in the woods. Carl was never found. From there on out at every festival, when a friend goes missing or just because its really fun people yell out “CARL”, hoping to find him.

At one point during Okeechobee, i kinda did my own thing. I went a little too hard on the sauce(sorry ma) and while on my way back to camp i went to this place called Jungle 51. Now, this jungle is open from dusk til dawn and is a constant party. The lights were as bright as could be and the beats were nonstop. It was a super fucking magical place. Somehow i wandered towards the jungle and sat there and pondered life. I thought about how i was by myself. I thought about how it’s really okay to go off and do your own thing. You’ve all been with me on the journey with my blog posts and i’m really glad i have the tribe i do. Sometimes when you’re toasted, you feel a type a way. i started thinking about the relationships i have with people and how some of them might not be good for me anymore. i know what i offer the world and if someone doesn’t appreciate that, then that’s okay. I’ll always have love for them, but sometimes people need distance.

When i was at the main stage by myself the last night listening to the Lumineers, i always imagined a certain someone standing next to me. So many memories with that band that i began to get teary-eyed thinking how i knew he’d enjoy this moment seeing them live just as much as i did. I thought about nights where all he’d play on his guitar were the same songs because he was still learning to play. As a tear rolled down my face, the guy next to me asked if i was okay. He was there with his buddies from Atlanta for a bachelors party. I sorta explained to him what i was feeling and he put his arm around me and said “well, you’re part of our tribe now”. Travis (was his name) will never know how much that moment made me feel so loved. I stood there for a minute with his buddies and just looked up at the sky, thinking this is where i was supposed to be. You can only control so much in this life, and i decided to enjoy the moment for both of us, even if he isn’t a part of my life anymore. Sometimes wounds never heal, but there will be times that will make up for it. i was surrounded by strangers enjoying the music as much as i did. And that is all that really  mattered.

All in all, i highly recommend to anyone to check this festival out. I’m thankful the people i went with vibed to the same tunes with me. I even ran into some old friends and made some new ones. A special shout out to Sam and Greg for getting ratchet with me at the waka flaka show, y’all made my night. I learned a lot about myself these past couple of days and the growth i felt within is still overcoming me. Fill yourself with positive vibes and you will be surprised to what comes back to you.


until next time

xx B