Alright, first things first.

If you didn’t read the title with a Tupac impression, then are we really even friends? I’m totally kidding, but i’m serious. Just try it.

Being twenty-three in a world were anything is possible or obtainable can be quite overwhelming. I mean, how often do we talk with others who have more experience if they think we are doing the right thing? I guess what most of them say  is “well, you never really know if you’re doing the right thing, but always do the best thing, for you.”

The cool thing about getting older and entering adulthood is the fact you can always rely on your parents, or your grandparents or whatever the circumstance, an adult like figure. I think of times when i had no fucking clue on what i was doing (aka buying my own vehicle) and thank the universe that i was given two individuals who have been through the car buying process. They know what would work for me, and what just wouldn’t work at all. Many people think my age group, the millennials, take too much for granted. I would have to disagree. Most people I interact with when i ask the question, “who helped you become successful?” Eight times out of ten they say their parents.

As you get older, you learn to appreciate the time you have with your parents. I want you to sit for just a minute and think of all the things that you have/had, would you have what you have now if it wasn’t for them? Maybe yes, maybe no, but I’m beyond grateful of all the things my parents have taught me and all the doors they have opened for me. If it wasn’t for them always having my back in whatever god-awful decision i made growing up, i probably would of had given up on this writing dream long ago. Or any dream I have for that matter. When I was younger, I remember being pretty hard on myself because the other girls didn’t look like me. I was always a little bit fluffy, but that was just who i was. I remember driving with my mom to one of my competitions and saying, “mom, i just don’t feel pretty like them.” She probably doesn’t remember this, but it is something i will never forget. She said to me, “Are you a great cheerleader?” and i said “ugh yeah mom” and she says, “then you have nothing to worry about. Go out on that floor with your team, and show them why you love being a Saint Cloud Bulldog and why you’re the best there is.” You know, my mom could’ve said to me, “well you’re the prettiest out there” or some other superficial thing, but she didn’t. She reminded me that being a better athlete and doing what i love was far more important than being “pretty” at twelve.

I’m not saying I don’t forget from time to time that my parents time here is just as precious,  I try to remember that sadly, they won’t be here forever. No one will. I love the quote that some kid put on twitter that says, “No one gets realer than parents. They compliment you behind your back but talk shit to your face.” How true is that though? I’d rather my mom and dad tell me when i’m being an asshole than go out into the world and be an asshole. Your parents are the ones who keep you grounded to reality. Sometimes, you just get swept up with life. I’m down for a good time, don’t get me wrong, but if i didn’t have my parents here to remind me of the goals i have, then i’d probably get swept up in something that isn’t good for me. They remind me how much i have to offer the world. They are the reason I look for the good in everyone i meet. They really are the coolest parents.

You don’t realize these things until you watch your friends begin to have families and you realize how important it all is. How having someone believe in you unconditionally is such an wonderful feeling. I watch my best friend raise her daughter, my goddaughter, and she will always know how to be a good person. She will always know how to love. I watch her teach her that she can always call “mama” and no matter the mess she’s created, she will learn from it.  That’s the cool thing about parents too. You can find yourself in a weird limbo, especially being twenty-three, but they are there to help. Even if the help is giving you the advice you don’t want to hear, they sure as hell will give it to you. We all need that in life. Someone to love us and someone to tell us when we are not living up to our abilities. They never force you to be something you aren’t, but rather they let you make the mistake and help you pick yourself up.

I write this with a smile on my face. I’m forever thankful that the universe gave me two rad people to raise me. They aren’t perfect, but no one is. I hope one day when i become a parent(not for a long time my friends) that i’m half the parent they were to me. Always supportive and always loving no matter the circumstance. Remember that the next time your mom texts you to come over for dinner or your dad asks you to help him with starting up his ipad. They won’t be around forever, so enjoy it now. Soak it all up, so when you have kids they can think of you as the hero. One day, you’ll be the one cheering them as they prepare for whatever the universe hands them. Yeah, that’s it. My parents are the heroes of my life.

“There’s no way I can pay you back
But the plan is to show you that I understand
You are appreciated”